Being and Performance in Virtual Worlds

A research project on the state of the theatrical event in an age of virtuality.


Ethereal Materials asks what “being there” means in the context of performance today. It is a research project on the ontological state of performance in an age of the digitalization of everything. The four keywords in the project’s subtitle – being, performance, virtual, and world – function as starting points for a line of inquiry into this topic.

What constitutes a world in today’s digital context? What are its virtual capacities? What does it mean to perform in a virtual world? What does it mean “to be there” in a performance in a virtual world? What is the material status of being in performances in virtual worlds? (More)

Project sections


An immersive adaptation of a 16th century text from the kowakamai dance tradition.

virtual reality, metaverse, expanded reality
Field Notes

Reflections on performances in virtual worlds.

tiktok, social media, media

Research outcomes. Articles, presentations and other forms of dissemination.

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